Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help Support Double Fine Adventure and Receive Fabulous Prizes!

And people said adventure games were dead!

While I was writing this, Double Fine had announced that they wished to raise $400,000 using Kickstarter to fund a new adventure game, code-named "Double Fine Adventure". As it turns out, not only have they already reached this goal in a mere 8 hours, they have also WELL EXCEEDED IT! Pledges are currently sitting at $877,705, more than double what they initially set out to do. Great job, guys!

The story's not over, though. Pledges are still being accepted and certain donations are eligible for a tiered system of prizes. In addition to a Steam version of the game, you could receive a soundtrack and HD version of the documentary behind the making of said game, an autographed poster, a portrait of yourself, and an original painting of art used in the game.

If you've got cash to burn, there's also a premium tier of prizes. Check them out below and start withdrawing from your Swiss bank account:

Pledge $15,000 or more:
Dinner with Tim Schafer and key members of the dev team.

Pledge $20,000 or more:
Dinner and BOWLING with Tim Schafer and key members of the dev team.

Pledge $30,000 or more:
Picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $35,000 or more:
Undoctored picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $50,000 or more:
Become an actual character in the game.

Pledge $150,000 or more:
Tim Schafer (that’s me) will give last four remaining Triangle Boxed Day of the Tentacles, in original shrink-wrap.

The project will be funded on March 13 while the game should be released sometime in October. So, what are you waiting for!? Hurry up and donate right here!